Letter about President Greene's
Activities at St. Thomas

editor's note: Greene was President of St. Thomas
before taking his job at Goddard

June 12, 1996

To the Faculty of Goddard College:

The departure of Richard Greene from St. Thomas University in Miami, FL, was cause for joy can the part of the University faculty. Simply put, the intimidation used by Greene to stifle any form of faculty dissent was, at least ethically, criminal.

Greene, upon leaving St. Thomas, received at least one, and possibly two years additional pay to complete the terms of his contract. While most of the faculty at St. Thomas will probably be too afraid (even with Greene gone, his ghost liners) to speak the truth. I must; it is in my bones and being, and since truth is an absolute defense, the worst he can do is sue me for telling the truth.

DO NOT, under any circumstances back off from your attempt to unionize, Greene will use any and all means at his disposal, from promises of raises to sheer intimidation, to get you to vote against the union. As far as the Yeshiva decision, it was ruled by the NLRB, that faculty at St. Thomas was -- and is -- NOT management. Obviously, neither are you.

Every word contained in the article in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" regarding your fight to rid yourselves of Greene -- and his blooming, budding, burgeoning bureaucracy -- is absolutely the truth. The fact that you may be a liberal, Eastern school has nothing to do with the fact that the man you are dealing with will use any means at his disposal short of physical violence or threats of same to accomplish his ends.

The layers of bureaucracy that Greene built at St. Thomas have, to a large degree been dismantled, but, again, the fact remains that between his refusal to consult with faculty, his aloofness, his certainty that he was right on every issue: ("always wrong, never in doubt") and his constant intimidation or threat at thereof, ...well, draw your own conclusions.

Keep in mind that Greene, as a University President, is a public figure. The laws for libel & slander are much different than in dealing with a person who is a private citizen. Again, I am one person and I do not know who or how many of St. Thomas's faculty will stand up and tell the truth, but I will, and I must, and if anybody from your news media wishes to reach me they can call me in Miami.

Seth H. Bramson