The following are links to other web sites that have demonstrated a deep and abiding appreciation for participatory democracy as a valuable and attainable goal. These sites provide practical information, socio-political analysis, and networking opportunities for individuals interested in achieving genuine democracy in America. Click on the pictures to make the link. Audio and/or video materials are available at a number of these sites, using the free 'realplayer', which may be obtained by clicking on the this button:

Rank & File Democracy in Action, the United Electrical Workers Unions Something in here to explain what the link is. Probably can get two or more sentences in comfortably.
Democracy Now, a radio program w/Amy Goodman A Pacifica network radio program focusing on social and political issues relevant to establishing real democracy in America. An audio feed is available; the program is hosted by Amy Goodman.
Noam Chomsky on Democracy Noam Chomsky has written extensively on how capitalism has impeded real democracy in America. This link leads to the Chomsky archives, which contains numerous audio, video, and written materials on democracy and related topics.
FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.Org - An email newsletter announces new video and audio clips available at their site on the internet, along with message boards and chat rooms devoted to discussions of the issues raised. The 'Chiapas' piece featured on our front page, the 'Micropower' and the 'People's Video Network' talks are all from their site.