Correspondence Archive
Goddard College Governance Issues

Belows are links to communications (letters, workshops, pamphlets, email) between Goddard community groups/members concerning governance issues at Goddard College.

The links below are listed chronologically, and labeled according to -

Title of Subject Matter, Author[s], and (Date).

  1. Student Petition Supporting Faculty (Oct. 1995)
  2. Understanding Goddard’s Finances, “Business and Democracy” Study Group (Nov. 1995)
  3. Off-Campus Newsletter, Andrew Dinkelaker (Dec. 1995)
  4. Study on Goddard and Democracy, Richard Schramm (Jan. 1996)
  5. Off-Campus Teacher Ed., Psychology, and Social Ecology Petition on Goddard Values to BOT (Jan. 1996)
  6. E-mail notification to students re: Feb. BOT meeting (Feb. 1996)
  7. Memo to Gov. Task Force Regarding BOT, Richard Schramm (Mar. 1996)
  8. E-mail to Wilfred Hamlin from Dinkelaker regarding governance (April 10, 1996)
  9. E-mail to Dinkelaker from Wilfred Hamlin response (April 10, 1996)
  10. Statement from Larry Kressley, Former Trustee (April 1996)
  11. Off-Campus Newsletter, Andrew Dinkelaker (April 1996)
  12. Student Petition to BOT regarding 3 Day Fast (April 1996)
  13. Letter to Off-Campus Programs regarding BOT support for Greene, Kathleen Kesson (May 6, 1996)
  14. Letter to Board Member (May 6, 1996)
  15. Letter to BOT from student regarding mediation services, Klimek (May 1996)
  16. Letter about President Greene’s Activities at St. Thomas (June 1996)
  17. National Petition for Reinstating fired Workers (June 1996)
  18. Letter Campaign Form Letter to BOT (July 1996)
  19. Off-Campus Teacher Ed. & Social Ecology Petition to BOT (July 1996)
  20. E-mail response to resignation from BOT, Andrew Dinkelaker (July 1996)
  21. Minutes on Meeting about Alternative Goddard Gov. Structures (July 1996)
  22. E-mail on Board Restructuring, Andrew Dinkelaker (Aug. 1996)
  23. E-mail on Board Restructuring, John Milam (Sept. 1996)
  24. Report on Jane Sanders and Democracy, Andrew Dinkelaker (May 1997)